Alliant Property Management

Association Management

PGI Section 22 contracts with Alliant Property Management, LLC
to provide Community Management Services for the Association.


  • Reports to and Supports: : The Section 22 Board
  • Responsibilities: To implement the decisions and policies established by the Board of Directors of the association.
  • Detail duties are as follows:
  • Act under the direction and control of the Board
  • Attend to repairs
  • Make sure the association complies with all laws
  • Provide inspection of records as required by law
  • Consult with outside contractors and professionals retained by the Association
  • Confirm outside services rendered
  • Guide and assist Board Members in the performance of their obligations
  • Guide and assist Board Members in the development of policies and procedures
  • Assist in administration as requested by the Board
  • Keep records of affairs of the Association
  • Maintain registers of owners , officer’s and directors
  • Attend to necessary correspondence
  • Provide full accounting services
  • Mail notice of delinquencies to any owners
  • Make disbursements from assessments collected for expenses provided by the budget
  • Provide necessary information to unit owners
  • Organize the annual meeting of owners including the distribution of notices, etc.
  • Furnish an annual financial report
  • As authorized by the Board provide covenant enforcement and contractor oversight
  • Monitor the performance of the employees of the Association
  • Negotiate and execute contracts on behalf of the Association
  • Expend amounts required on behalf of the Association in emergencies, etc.
  • Furnish monthly financial reports
  • Organize meetings for the Board including notices, etc.
  • Provide copies of correspondence and other business during the previous month
  • Furnish information to CPA’s for the filing of tax returns, etc.
  • Provide for payment of licenses and fees
  • Prepare an annual budget